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Transporti shume i shpejte

Transporti shume i shpejte

Shtëpi> Transporti shume i shpejte

Politika Shipping

$25 shipping fee for orders within0.5kg

Shipping method with DHL-express/FedEx from China to Worldwide.

Normally with delivery time 3-7 working days to North America and Asian countries, 4-9 working days to Europe, 7-9 working days to South America and the Pacific Ocean countries, 7-10working days to Africa countries.

Our Packing Service

Valve bag for unit packing to confirm perlat will not hurt by each other, then with bubble film packaging into 5-layers carton. Protect pearls comprehensively during shipping.

For Pairs or other small pieces

For Loose

For Strands

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